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Why well visits?

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Babies need a lot of wellness checkups to ensure their growth and development are on track. Akron Children’s pediatrician Alex Miksit, MD shares why well visits are essential during baby’s first year.

Well visits are important for toddlers, too. Kids should be seen for well visits at 12, 15, 18, 24 and 30 months. Your child will receive a physical exam at each visit, along with developmental screenings and any vaccines that are needed. 

From ages 3-21, the well visit schedule changes to once a year. Well visits include physical exams, any vaccines your child needs, age-related screenings, completion of sports/work/camp forms and much more. 

Vaccine schedule 
Vaccines are a safe and effective way to protect your kids. We follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine schedule for birth-age 6 and ages 7-18.

Schedule a well visit
If your child needs a well visit, schedule online with MyChart if you have an active account. Otherwise, click here.

Wellness rewards
Many health insurance companies offer incentives for vaccines, well visits and other healthy activities! Check with your health insurance provider about wellness rewards that are available to you.

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