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Transport Services

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Akron Children's transport team and communications center provide an efficient and safe transfer of critically ill or injured neonates, infants, children as well as adult or pediatric burn patients from other facilities to Akron Children's. We transport critically ill and injured patients by one of our  ground mobile intensive care units and rotor wing aircraft (AirBear®). Every critical care transport is staffed with a critical care transport nurse, paramedic and/or respiratory therapist. In addition to the dedicated neonatal/pediatric transport team,  Akron Children’s also offers a grand transport neonatal critical care team as well as an advanced life support (ALS) two-paramedic team. 

Akron Children's is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems. Our transport team is staffed by skilled and experienced transport nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics who assess and prepare patients for transport.

We closely monitor patients during transport and deliver care similar to the care they receive at Akron Children's Hospital. We have ongoing communication with a medical control physician during a transport. 

Children's transport team knows children and what they need. Their equipment is designed especially for children. Akron Children's ground mobile intensive care units and Air Bear® are kid friendly, with art, music and videos inside to help ease a child's fears.

Air Bear® is operated by Med-Trans corporation of Dallas, Texas.