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Sleep Study

sleep study girl

Your child has been referred for a sleep study at Akron Children’s Hospital. The sleep study is a test used to diagnose and determine the best course of treatment for your child’s sleep disorder. These studies are conducted within the Sleep Laboratory located on the second floor of the hospital.

A sleep study is painless. It is conducted at night in a homelike environment to help mimic your child’s bedtime and sleep rituals.

The following video provide an overview of what to expect, including how to prepare for the study, what happens during the study, and how you get the results of the study. There are also separate videos for children whose test requires continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or for children who are required to take a multiple sleep latency test (MSLT). In addition, there are links to the forms that must be reviewed and completed prior to the study.

If you have any questions about your child’s sleep study, call 330-543-8885.

Sleep Study




Sleep Study - CPAP




Sleep Study - MSLT




Pre-study documents