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Perioperative Surgical Home

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The Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) pre-surgery visit helps improve outcomes by ensuring patient care is coordinated from the time surgery is scheduled, throughout the procedure, followed by recovery at home.

Both the patient and a parent/guardian should attend the PSH visit. If a parent/guardian is not available, a grandparent who knows the child’s medical and family history can bring your child to the appointment. Our team of advanced practice providers (APPs), nurses, medical assistants and child life specialists will evaluate your child. You can expect the visit to last about one hour. While at the hospital, please wear a face covering. If you don’t have one, Akron Children’s will provide you with one for use while you are at the hospital. Children under the age of 2 and those with sensory issues are excluded.

The APP will take your child’s medical history, perform a physical exam and talk to you about the results. If we find your child has any medical issues that should be given attention before surgery, we will help you schedule the services needed to improve your child’s health.

Please note that we will reschedule the surgery if we feel it is necessary to ensure your child’s health and safety. We will notify your child’s surgeon of our findings and work together to develop a care plan to address your child’s needs.

We will give you information about any lab work or medications your child needs before surgery. If your child’s health care team includes specialists, we will contact those providers to get medical clearance and any instructions or orders they think are important for the surgery.

A board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist is available to consult with our team and answer any questions you have. Our child life specialists will also be present to reduce stress and support your child and family. They will help prepare your child for surgery using age-appropriate materials.

The following information should also be brought to the visit:

  • Copies of any legal documents about your child’s custody or guardianship.
  • Copies of patient and/or family medical records that explain health history, bleeding disorders or problems with anesthesia.
  • List of your child’s allergies – including medicine, food, latex or metal.
  • List of all medicines your child has taken in the past 30 days – including medicines for cough/cold, teething pain, upset stomach or constipation; plus vitamins, herbal supplements or essential oils.
  • Copies of all lab work, X-rays and/or CT/MRI scans taken by another provider/hospital for your child.
  • Names and phone numbers of all the specialists your child sees.

Please call if your child becomes ill prior to the visit. Food and drinks are not allowed in the PSH area. Ask us where to find snack and food areas.

Pre-surgery visit appointments are available for surgery patients in Akron at Surgical Services in our main hospital building or in the Mahoning Valley at The Leonard J. Fisher Family Building (Building A). If you don't have a pre-surgery visit appointment scheduled at least 2-3 weeks before your child's visit, call 330-543-7777.

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