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On My Way FAQs

How does On My Way work?

To choose the arrival time that meets your needs, visit the Urgent Care website. Click the “On My Way” button, select the location and arrival time for your visit – and provide details including your child’s name, reason for the urgent care visit and your contact information.   

What are the benefits of using On My Way?

On My Way allows you to pick your arrival time, so you can wait in the comfort of your own home instead of waiting at Urgent Care. On My Way will also help you check in faster when you arrive at Urgent Care. 

If I use On My Way, will I have to wait once I arrive?

We want to help your child get checked in and treated quickly – and using On My Way will help. It’s not a set appointment, though, and other patients may be seen before your child. Thank you for understanding.

Is it still OK to come to Urgent Care without using On My Way?

Yes, walk-ins are welcome. If there are a lot of people waiting for care, however, we may not be able to see everyone who walks in.

Do I still need to check in when I arrive?

Yes, please stop at the Urgent Care desk. Using On My Way will shorten the check-in process.

Do I need a MyChart account to use On My Way?

No, you do not need a MyChart account to use On My Way. If you want to sign up for MyChart, click here to request access.

Is On My Way secure?

Yes. It is part of our secure MyChart platform.

What if I need to change or cancel my arrival time?

Use On My Way to let us know your plans have changed.

I have more than one sick child coming to Urgent Care. Can I use On My Way?

Yes, but you will have to complete one On My Way request and then start a separate session for any additional kids.

Can I use On My Way to choose my arrival time for tomorrow?

No, On My Way only lets you choose a time for today.

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