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OLD Quality and Safety

Akron Children’s provides quality and safety by placing you first.  We encourage parents and caregivers to play an active role with the health team to make sure:

  • You will be heard
  • Your child will be safe
  • Your child is in expert hands

We make every effort to maintain and improve the quality and safety of the care we deliver.  This effort is a key part of our work. We, at Akron Children’s:

  • Encourage and expect questions
  • Review what we do and how we do it
  • Train our staff to identify and stop errors before they happen
  • Give daily support and guidance to staff through our safety coaches  
  • Track and study safety events

We also team with others to ensure safe, high quality care. Through Solutions for Patient Safety, an initiative of the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association (OCHA), Akron Children’s and five other Ohio children’s hospitals are working with businesses to improve quality and reduce costs.

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