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Learn about primary care e-visits

Q: What is an e-visit?

A: An e-visit is a quick and easy way to get care for your child through MyChart. This way, you don't need to make an appointment or visit the doctor’s office. An e-visit is different from a virtual visit or Quick Care Online, which you can read about below.

Q: What conditions are right for an e-visit?

A: E-visits are perfect for treating minor issues like a rash, cough or cold, red eye and insect bites, lice, and pinworms.

Q: How does an e-visit work?

A: Log in to your MyChart account, and select an e-visit. You’ll answer some questions and upload photos if needed. Your provider will review your information and respond, usually the same day, with a treatment plan and any prescriptions your child needs. Please note that e-visit communications aren’t checked overnight or on weekends.

Q: What are the benefits of an e-visit?

A: E-visits are very convenient. They let you get care for your child without missing work or school. If your provider doesn't have an office visit available, you can choose an e-visit instead. They are billed to your insurance, and co-pays vary, but they cost less than in-office and virtual visits.

Q: Do all Akron Children’s primary care providers offer e-visits?

A: Yes, you can have an e-visit with all Akron Children’s Pediatrics and Locust Pediatrics providers. School-Based Health Center providers also offer e-visits.

Q: Does my child have to be a current Akron Children’s Pediatrics patient to have an e-visit?

A: Yes, e-visits are only for children who are already Akron Children’s Pediatrics patients.

Q: What happens if my child needs to be seen in person?

A: You can schedule an office visit through MyChart or call us at 330-543-2778. If your provider recommends an in-office visit, your insurance won’t be billed for the e-visit.

Q: Akron Children’s offers many online options for care. What’s the difference?

A: Here’s a quick guide to the different options:

  • MyChart message: Use this for quick questions after your child’s appointment. It’s not for diagnosing or treating an illness.
  • E-visit: This is an email exchange with your child’s primary care provider, not a real-time exam. It’s great for minor issues like rash, cough or cold, red eye, and insect bites, pinworms and lice.
  • MyChart virtual visit: This is a scheduled appointment with your child’s primary or specialty care provider – often used for minor illnesses and injuries, follow-ups or ongoing care.
  • Quick Care Online: This gives you an immediate virtual visit with a pediatric provider for minor illnesses and injuries, available 365 days a year for conditions like allergies, colds, flu, diarrhea, sinus issues and sore throats.
  • E-consult: This allows your child’s primary care provider to get advice from an Akron Children’s specialist. Your primary care provider can then act on the specialist's recommendations and provide any needed prescriptions, which may save you a trip to the specialist.

We hope this FAQ helps you understand how e-visits work and why they might be a great choice for your child’s care.

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