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Government Relations

Akron Children’s Government Relations department supports our mission to provide medical care to infants, children, adolescents and burn victims of all ages, regardless of ability to pay.

We serve as the liaison between the hospital and local, state and federal government officials as well as community-based organizations. We strive to improve the health status of children and teens in our region through:

  • Promoting and communicating public health advocacy efforts
  • Engaging community partners and public officials to develop child health policy
  • Fostering relationships with governmental organizations and officials
  • Interacting with local, state and national advocacy organizations
  • Facilitating tours for public officials and community stakeholder visits to Akron Children’s locations
  • Educating employees and physicians on advocacy with public officials and facilitating interactions

How you can help

One of the most effective ways to help protect the health and safety of children is to advocate on their behalf. The term "legislative advocacy" means supporting laws and policies that will benefit children, and opposing ones that won't. Go to legislative advocacy to learn why it’s important to Akron Children’s and what you can do to help.

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