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Child Protection and Child Abuse Prevention Program

Our Child Protection and Child Abuse Prevention program provides consultation, training and evaluation for clinicians, agencies and families coping with child abuse and domestic violence. We have physical locations in Akron, Canton and the Mahoning Valley, but collaborate with counties throughout Northeast Ohio.

Our centers bring together professionals from law enforcement, child protective services, medicine, mental health, victim advocacy and the prosecutor’s office to work together in determining if a child has been physically or sexually abused and in providing a coordinated response.

By working together, we ensure that each child’s needs are met in a confidential, non-threatening and child-friendly environment. The benefits of this approach are many, such as:

  • More immediate follow-up to reports of child abuse and neglect
  • More efficient referrals to mental health professionals
  • A reduction in the number of child victim interviews
  • Enhanced support for child victims and their caregivers

We provide services to children from birth to 18 years of age and our services include:

  • Forensic interviews and medical evaluations
  • Specially trained professionals to conduct the interviews and examinations
  • Regular multidisciplinary team meetings to discuss cases
  • Yearly trainings on child abuse
  • Reports of child abuse and neglect

Our centers are funded by the National Children’s Alliance and Akron Children’s.

To report an incident of child abuse or neglect, contact the local Children's Services Board.

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