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Child Life Specialists

child life

Child life specialists are important members of the healthcare team who help families cope before, during and after a medical procedure or hospital stay. They can be found at our Akron and Boardman campuses.

With education and experience in human growth and development, education, psychology and counseling, our child life specialists are trained to reduce the stress and anxiety felt by you and your child through:

  • Emotional support – Child life specialists often accompany you and your child during medical tests and procedures to help you understand and cope with being in the hospital. They also engage your child in therapeutic play with special dolls, stuffed animals and medical equipment to encourage him to express his fears and concerns.
  • Patient and family education – The more you know about what’s happening to your child, the more comfortable and in control you will feel. The child life staff teaches you about treatment, procedures and the hospital. They show you how to promote normal growth and development before, during and after your child’s hospitalization, and help you understand the impact of those experiences on your child, including the types of behavior they might expect once she returns home.
  • Family advocacy – Child life specialists often serve as the liaison between your family and hospital staff when you have a concern, need or issue.

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