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Child Life - Areas Served

PICU - The 23-bed pediatric intensive care unit cares for patients of all ages. Typical child life interventions focus on preparation, accompanying for procedures, patient and family support, sibling visitation, normalization and increase in coping within the PICU environment. Typical conditions seen include: respiratory illnesses or conditions requiring a high level of support, traumas, cardiac surgery patients, patients with a tracheostomy and ventilator support, patients requiring intensive care for diabetes, asthma, viral infections, post-operative care and new diagnosis of certain conditions. 

5600 - A 20-bed unit that serves patients of all ages with childhood cancer and blood disorders, as well as patients on dialysis and orthopedic patients.  Child Life works with the multi-disciplinary team to provide assistance with understanding and coping with illness and hospitalization.  We provide psychosocial preparation and support for procedures.  We also provide developmentally-appropriate activities to normalize the environment and facilitate continued development/coping. We co-facilitate several support groups for teens and parents.

Perianesthesia unit (Surgery), both campuses - Child Life specialists assess and provide interventions to children 0 -17 years of age undergoing surgical procedures to help decrease anxiety and facilitate positive coping.  This includes same day surgery, outpatient surgery and pre-surgery preparation program.

Outpatient surgery center - Located in the Kay Jewelers Pavilion.  Well children receive surgeries for ears, nose, throat, gastroenterology, urology, eye, dental and some plastics procedures.  Child life specialists play an integral part of the outpatient surgery process for the patients and families by providing developmentally appropriate preparations and advocating for the needs of patients/families.

Emergency Department, both campuses - Specialists provide developmentally-appropriate preparation and offer coping strategies to patients and families for medical procedures and diagnosis.  We provide emotional and educational support to patients and families and advocate their needs to medical staff.  Child life provides education to the families regarding the impact of hospitalization and/or trauma on a child.

Radiology -  We provide psychosocial preparation, teaching and support as needed for radiological exams such as MRI, CT, X-ray, nuclear medicine scans, fluoroscopy, ultrasound and assist for interventional radiology procedures. Weekday coverage. 

8100/8200 - The 24-bed behavioral health unit utilizes child life to organize and implement therapy groups for suicidal adolescents.  We provide groups on anger management, self-esteem, communication and healthy relationships while providing encouragement, support and coping skills to manage life stress. 

6100 - A 24-bed school age unit serves children ages 6-12 along with patients of all ages who require telemetry, or heart monitoring.  We see many children diagnosed with asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, seizure disorders, acute illnesses and injuries and children recovering from surgery.  We strive to help them understand their condition and hospitalization while coping with it as well as possible.  This is achieved through psychosocial preparation, education, provision of play opportunities and emotional support.

6200 - The adolescent unit cares for medical and surgical patients 13-21 and patients of any age with a psychiatric or behavioral issue requiring medical treatment.  We also see all patients over 21 years of age with chronic pediatric diseases, primarily including cystic fibrosis and cardiac disease. Specialists play an important role in providing developmentally-appropriate preparations, support for patients and families, and education for medical procedures and new diagnosis.  In addition, we help patients cope with lengthy hospitalizations due to illness or injury. 

7100 - The  22-bed transitional care unit consists of the inpatient rehab unit, epilepsy monitoring unit and post-operative surgeries as well as patient who are tracheotomy/ventilator dependent. Many of our patients are here for long-term admissions. Child Life plays an important role in providing support, normalization, helping children continue to reach developmental milestones, preparing the patients and families for any procedures and encouraging participation in needed therapies.  If needed Child Life also helps with school re-entry and community outings to assist patients in rehab feel more comfortable leaving the hospital in an improved state.

7200 - The 29-bed infant/preschool unit includes patients that range in age from birth-5 years of age.  During the winter months, the unit can overflow to accommodate an increase in patients.  Child life provides developmentally-appropriate interactions to our patients and families while preparing them for surgery, PICC Lines and other tests and procedures.

Burn Center - A 12 bed unit that serves patients of all ages using a team-centered approach.  We offer supportive services to patients and family members including emotional support, developmentally-appropriate preparation, assistance with coping, normalization of environment, promoting development and family-centered care to patients recovering from burns, wounds and acute skin conditions.

Palliative Care - The Palliative Care team provides care to patients with complex, chronic or serious conditions and their families, enhancing quality of life in partnership with cure-directed care.  Child life provides therapeutic interventions for patients and families to promote coping, self-expression, processing and mastery of experiences and end-of-life and bereavement support, partnering with the bereavement coordinator and other members of the social work team.  Services are provided on inpatient units, our outpatient office, and in patient homes.

Mahoning Valley Inpatient Unit - The pediatric unit at the Beeghly campus is a 25-bed inpatient unit.  We care for children who have acute care needs without the expectation of requiring intensive care or immediate surgery.  We see patients with infections, fevers, FTT, known diabetes, sickle cell, seizures, asthma and other illnesses.  The child life specialist on this unit may provide supportive services for other areas.

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