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Akron Children's Board of Directors

Officers of the Hospital Board of Directors

Virginia C. Addicott, Chair
Kara C. Lewis, Vice Chair
Christopher A. Gessner, President & CEO
Gordon T. Edwards, CFO & Treasurer
Lisa M. Bandwen, Secretary

Hospital Board of Directors

Timothy M. Burke
Paul N. Catania
Patrick M. Covey
Virginia C. Drosos
Montrella S. Jackson
Kerwyn Jones, M.D.
William Kelleher
Joan Lauck
Rev. Lewis Macklin
Shefali S. Mahesh, M.D.
John F. Mayer
Robert S. McGregor, M.D.
Connie Nolte
Mark Oelschlager
Richard Rogers
Denise Schaffner
Glen L. Stephens
Barbara J. Varley
Darren R. Wells
Robert J. Wells
Mark L. Wulkan, M.D.

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