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Module 10 - Adolescent Care


Students will gain knowledge and develop clinical skills to take a comprehensive and confidential adolescent history and learn about specific adolescent care concerns.


Following the outpatient pediatric rotation, students will be able to:

  1. Name specific vaccines recommended for the adolescent
  2. Identify and describe the sequence of the physical changes of puberty (e.g. Tanner scale)
  3. Explain and demonstrate how to take a HEEADSSS history
  4. Know what the mnemonic CRAFFT stands for
  5. Conduct a pre-participation sports examination and demonstrate the key components of the history and physical exam necessary to clear an individual for participation in strenuous exercise (cardiac, pulmonary, and musculo-skeletal)


Immunization Action Coalition:  Vaccinations for preteens and teens

Harriett Lane - section on Tanner staging and section on orthopedic screening exam

The Preparticipation Sports Evaluation

CRAFFT Screening

reviewed 04/2016

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