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Akron Children’s launches breastfeeding medicine program

02-05-2024 (Akron, Ohio)

Akron Children’s has launched a breastfeeding medicine program. Breastfeeding medicine is a specialized area of health care that focuses on supporting breastfeeding parents and their babies to make breastfeeding a positive and fulfilling experience.

Akron Children’s breastfeeding medicine program is headed by Dr. Carly Dulabon. Dr. Dulabon is one of 100 physicians in the United States board certified in breastfeeding and lactation medicine. She is also board certified in pediatrics and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®).

Breastfeeding medicine at Akron Children’s can help parents:

  • Address breastfeeding concerns during pregnancy.
  • Create a plan for premature babies, multiple births or babies with complex medical conditions.
  • Address breastfeeding after breast surgery.
  • Help facilitate breastfeeding/chestfeeding in LGBTQ+ patients
  • Work with low milk supply or oversupply.
  • Address and resolve painful feeding.
  • Manage slow weight gain through nutrition.
  • Address and manage issues like thrush, breast masses and breast infection.
  • Stimulate milk production.
  • Manage nutritional needs to ensure baby’s healthy growth and weight gain.
  • Provide breast milk when you are separated from your baby.
  • Get referrals for medical conditions that require additional care.

In addition, the program will offer virtual breastfeeding support groups for parents led by Dr. Dulabon. To see available support group dates and join, visit To make an appointment with Dr. Dulabon, visit  or call 330-543-4500


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