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Akron Children’s Health Center, Sandusky now offers specialty virtual visits

05-11-2022 (Akron, Ohio )

Akron Children’s is bringing care closer to home for Sandusky-area families. Through virtual visits held in the Akron Children’s Sandusky office, families can connect with Akron-based specialty providers.  

These virtual visits differ from typical at-home telehealth experiences where a provider and patient communicate via video. The Akron Children’s Sandusky office is equipped with a telehealth cart that includes an exam camera, thermometer, otoscope, stethoscope, tongue depressor adaptor and blood pressure cuff. A Sandusky clinician uses the exam tools at the specialist’s direction, so the physician can examine the patient virtually.   

“Akron Children’s has a dozen regional health centers and more than 50 locations for primary and specialty care. We’re committed to bringing our exceptional pediatric care to more communities,” said Matt Groninger, vice president of medical and surgical subspecialty practice at Akron Children’s. “Virtual visits are also an important part of improving access to care. These specialty visits give Sandusky families access to pediatric experts without having to travel far from home.”  

After the specialty visit, the provider will recommend next steps. If a follow-up visit cannot be held virtually, the Akron Children’s team will schedule the appointment at the location closest to the family’s home.

To schedule a virtual visit in Sandusky with an Akron Children’s specialist, families can call 567-998-9290. A staff member will work with the family and specialty department to determine if a virtual visit is appropriate for the child. 

Akron Children’s opened the Sandusky health center – which is located at 2800 Hayes Ave., Building G – last year. Pediatric primary care and cardiology are available, along with the specialty virtual visits.

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