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Akron Children’s, GlobalCastMD host conference on cardioneuroablation

09-08-2023 (Ohio)

Akron Children’s and GlobalCastMD will co-host the Second World Congress on Cardioneuroablation, a live, virtual conference, on Oct. 21 from 11 am EST, 8 am PST.

Moderated by Drs. José Carlos Pachón and John Clark, both pioneers in cardioneuroablation (CNA), who will discuss their successes in treating patients with slow heart rhythms and conditions such as vasovagal syncope, intermittent heart block, and sinus node dysfunction.

Dr. Pachón is director of the São Paulo Heart Hospital Arrhythmia Service in São Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Clark is director of electrophysiology at Akron Children’s in Akron, Ohio.

“CNA was discovered in the late 1990s when cardiologists were first learning how to do ablations on atrial fibrillations,” said Dr. Clark. “Some took note that, in certain areas where they were trying to ablate the atrial fibrillation, they would alter the patient’s heart rate. In later investigations, we learned those areas have heavy input from the vagus nerve – the nerve that tells the heart to slow down. Dr. Pachón put this together - that we could use same procedure to help patients whose heart rates are too slow.”

After several trips to Brazil to train under Dr. Pachón, Dr. Clark added his own expertise to the collaboration: That most all of the CNA procedures can be performed without fluoroscopy, thus eliminating the patient’s exposure to radiation.

During the conference, Drs. Pachón and Clark will review outcome data from the past 20 years and present case studies of patients who were good candidates for CNA, patients whose lives had previously been upended by uncontrolled fainting and seizures. Participants will also get to “virtually” shadow them at work in their cardiac catheterization labs.

This conference is suggested for not only electrophysiologists and cardiologists, but neurologists, general medicine practitioners, emergency medicine physicians, pediatricians, and allied health professionals.

For more information, go to

To register, go to GCMD.CO/EPCONFERENCE.

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