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Emily Cooper Welty Expressive Therapy Center

The Emily Cooper Welty Expressive Therapy Center at Akron Children's Hospital provides holistic healing through the use of creative arts (imagery, storytelling, dance, music, drama, poetry and visual arts). The arts are used to transform the hospital environment and create opportunities for expression, connection and self-identity. It is staffed by art and music therapists who are trained to address emotional, social and physiological concerns.

Treatment goals include:

  • Reducing pain perception and anxiety
  • Relaxation training and stress management
  • Social or intellectual stimulation
  • Promotion of self-expression
  • Sensory-environmental stimulation
  • Addressing speech loss and other communication barriers
  • Opportunities for choice and control
  • Pain and symptom management

Whom we serve

The center is open to all staff, patients and families who receive care from Akron Children’s Hospital. Our group and individual services are provided at no cost and do not require insurance coverage.

The website offers a list of upcoming events at the center.

How to support our center

There are many ways you can support our center. You can donate creative art supplies. You can give your time as a volunteer.

You can make a financial donation

Named for Emily Cooper Welty, in honor of her $1.2 million donation, our Expressive Therapy Center has received support from various organizations, including Panera Bread, Ohio Arts Council, Northern Ohio Golf Charities, the Akron Children’s Hospital Women’s Board, the Paul and Carol David Foundation, the Helen Brach Foundation, the Howard Atwood Family, Eileen Burg, and Dr. Ron and Maureen Russ, among others.

Donate items

We rely on donations for continued creative support for our children and families. Items include acrylic paints, model magic, gift cards, guitar picks, ribbon twirlers, and more. Call 330-543-8424 to learn more.

Volunteer your time

Volunteers serve an important role in what we do in the Expressive Therapy Center. We count on volunteers to visit floors and help bring patients to and from the center. 

Opportunities for community artists

Local artists are encouraged to present their works at the center. Depending on the project, artists must submit a One-Time Artist Proposal or an Extended Artist Proposal to be considered for presentation.

For more information, call 330-543-4909.

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