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Community Event Participation / Sponsorship Request Form

Use the following form to request Akron Children's participate in or sponsor a community event. Requests must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to your event. Due to time restraints we are unable to consider events less than 6 weeks away. View our sponsorship guidelines.

If your event is outside of the 6 week window and you are requesting:

Bold items are required.

Event Name

Contact First Name

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Contact Phone

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Requesting Organization




Zip Code


Briefly describe your organization

Is the event address same as the organization address?

Event Location

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Event City

Event State

Event Zip

Event County

Did Akron Children's participate in your event previously?
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Event Dates

Note: Please ensure your event is at least 6 weeks away. Your event will not be considered if less than 6 weeks away.

Day 1 :
Day 2:
Day 3:

Approximate number of attendees

Please describe your event

Are you requesting participation?
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Are you requesting sponsorship?
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Outreach Request? Complete the following:

Target Audience

Event Type
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Participating Vendors (comma separated):

Topics you want covered

Are you requesting the Doggie Brigade attend your event?
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What would you like the Doggie Brigade team(s) to do at the event?

If this is an outdoor event, will there be shade for the dogs?
Yes   No  

Will any other animals (pets, working, performance) be in attendance?
Yes   No  

If yes, please explain:

Are you requesting a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) to attend the event?
Yes   No  

Contact person day of event:

Contact person's phone:

Sponsorship Request? Complete the following:

How will sponsorship funds be used for this event?

Why should Akron Children's support this event?

Please provide details of all sponsorship levels including dollar amounts and what each level of sponsorship includes:

Event Agenda/Schedule

If available, please attach a copy of the invitation (PDF ONLY)

Attach any other documentation (PDF ONLY):

If you have any questions about your submission, please contact