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Akron Children's Hospital offers 4th year rotations in a variety of specialty areas including medical and surgical. We believe we can be a key part of your educational experience, whether your future patients will be children or adults or both.

An Elective in a subspecialty will help you increase your knowledge base as well as further your ability to develop an assessment, a relevant differential diagnosis and an effective management plan for your patient. A more intensive elective, the Sub-Internship, will allow you to manage a variety of patients with a greater degree of independence than you experienced during your core rotation in Pediatrics. A Sub-Internship will increase your skills, knowledge and clinical confidence commensurately.

Whether you choose an Elective or a Sub-Internship, you will have the opportunity to interact with our residents and faculty, who are committed to both patient care and medical education. In addition to teaching, they can provide guidance as you navigate through the many decisions to be made in your 4th year.

Electives and Sub-Internships are four weeks in duration and begin and end on defined dates. To learn about rotation availability, you must first submit a completed application along with the supporting documentation. All inquires must be made through Akron Children's Department of Medical Education via VSAS. Visiting students may not contact the elective directors directly.

If you apply, you will receive a final confirmation of your acceptance via email.


Nofziger, Susan MD

Thank you,

Susan Nofziger, MD

Pediatric Clerkship Director

Pediatric Hospitalist