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Assuring Success with a Commitment to Enhance Nurse Diversity

The ASCEND Program provides clinical internship and professional development to nursing students who belong to traditionally underrepresented groups in the nursing profession.

ASCEND is a 10 week full time summer program for nursing students that provides professional development, nursing skills and the potential for future employment in a pediatric hospital setting. Students must have completed their junior year by the program start date.

Clinical practice experiences with a mentor, on a pediatric unit.

Professional enrichment experiences such as:

  • Hands on nurse-related activities using case studies and simulation lab experiences
  • Pediatric Advanced Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS) Certification opportunity
  • Topics include: professionalism, priority setting, exploring nurse roles in pediatric health care, communication skills, teamwork, delegation, use of clinical practice policies, family centered care delivery model, nurse sensitive indicators, cultural competence, interview skills, and resume development

ASCEND interns are employed as student nurse technicians and are compensated for hours worked during the program. 

  • Member of an underrepresented group in nursing (i.e. race, ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ+, military/veteran)
  • Completion of junior year by the program start date in May
  • Good standing in an accredited BSN program
  • Completed at least one clinical rotation in medical surgical nursing and pediatric nursing
  • Available for the entire 10 week program (May-July)
  • Available for an interview at Akron Children’s Hospital (Feb-March of the application year)
  • Selected by the student’s university

Applications will be accepted for no less than 2 weeks.

  • The student will apply for an employed ASCEND nurse technician position and will upload all application materials to be considered for the program.
  • Human resources recruiters will conduct initial interviews.
  • After human resources recruiter interviews, the ASCEND Committee will invite qualified applicants to complete a second interview during February or March 2023.
  • Final selection will occur after the completion of interviews and candidate passes background check (BCI/FBI fingerprints confirm no disqualifying convictions under ORC 2151.86).
  • All candidates will be notified by March 31, 2023. Other employment opportunities may be identified for students not participating in the ASCEND Program.

To apply, complete the application packet here, and apply on the job seekers website between January 20 and February 10, 2023 for the ASCEND Internship – Nursing Tech I position.

Please send questions to Megan Dorrington.

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