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Medical Student Teaching Guide

Akron Children’s is committed to guiding and educating the caregivers of tomorrow. Thank you for being a preceptor for medical students in your general pediatrics office.

We hope you find this guide helpful as you assist these students. Please contact Sabrina Ben Zion-Hider, MD, at Akron Children's Pediatrics – Wadsworth (330-336-3539), if you have any questions or your needs are not met in this guide.

Message from Dr. Ben Zion-Hider:

As general pediatricians, we are regularly presented with medical students to precept for the 2-week outpatient portion of their general pediatrics rotation. If you are like me, you may find teaching students rewarding, but know it can create challenges, such as:

  • Interference with patient flow and productivity
  • Obligation to provide a good teaching experience
  • Unawareness of what to focus on with each student due to his previous knowledge/experience, what others have already taught and seasonal variations of illnesses

To help facilitate teaching in your office, we created this guide with individual modules based on recognized pediatric clinical competencies with specific goals and objectives and links to resources. 

What to do with this guide:

  • share articles or handouts with the students
  • have students pre-read or pre-view videos and discuss the next day
  • test students to see if they have reached the objectives

Thank you for your commitment to teaching! 

Sabrina Ben-Zion, MD, FAAP

Associate Pediatric Program Director, Ambulatory Medicine; Research Director, Pediatric Residency Program; Chair, Research and Scholarship Learning Community and Chair, Mid-America Region of the Association of Pediatric Program Directors (APPD); Pediatrician

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