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Quality and Patient Safety:


Quality/Patient Safety Goal:

Reduction of Bump Rates

Goal & Summary

We are committed to timely care at Akron Children’s while providing a patient- and family-centered approach.

Why is this important?

Historically, health care providers have sometimes needed to bump (cancel and reschedule patients) from existing scheduled appointments for various reasons. We recognize this is an inconvenience for our patients and families. To improve timely access to care and reduce this inconvenience, we have made a concerted effort to reduce our patient bump rates. Though this rarely needs to happen in emergency situations, we now make every effort to reduce and/or eliminate bumping patients from scheduled appointments.

What are we doing to improve?

We formed a quality improvement team to improve all the elements of patient access, including reducing patient bump rates. The group measures compliance with our guidelines aimed at reducing patient bumps, and we track this data using a rolling 12-month average rate at both <30 days and 30-90 days.

Quality - ACTNow Access Measures

Who are we partnering with to share best practices?

Our patient access leaders shared this improvement work at the Children’s Hospital Association Annual Leadership Conference on November 9, 2016.

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