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Introduction by Pediatric Residency Director

Ramundo, Maria, MD, pediatric emergency medicine and medical education

Maria Ramundo, MD, Director of Pediatric Residency Program

Akron Children’s offers a pediatric residency program where residents can learn to manage children with acute and chronic illnesses in an environment that promotes family-centered care. Our organization serves a 26-county area and our residents manage a diverse patient population. Our hospital serves our community as we are the regional trauma, burn, and Cystic Fibrosis centers.

We believe in helping our residents achieve their academic and professional goals through mentoring with faculty who are interested in resident education. In order to support our residents' professional growth, our academic advising program pairs each resident with a faculty advisor and peer mentor. 

Our program is unique in providing residents with continuity clinic experiences that are based in the community rather than in a hospital-based "residents' clinic." We believe in pairing our residents with a general pediatrician in the community to learn what it is really like to practice general pediatrics.

We provide residents who are interested in ambulatory pediatrics or fellowships numerous opportunities to do unique rotations to match each resident’s individual career goals. Residents can select to perform elective rotations at our academic tertiary care medical center on our Akron campus or in surrounding community hospitals. Residents can choose to work in urban, suburban and/or in rural settings during their training. Akron Children’s serves refugees from many countries and our local Amish community.

Our program's motto is "We will help you get there," whether residents plan on a career in ambulatory pediatrics, hospital medicine or subspecialty pediatrics. A number of our graduates have furthered their training in subspecialty fellowships throughout the country while others have decided to practice general pediatrics and hospitalist medicine in urban, suburban and rural environments. Our graduates are well prepared for fellowships or practice, as our institution is a regional referral center, offering opportunities for our residents to manage patients with very rare conditions and experience in managing a high volume of patients efficiently and effectively.

Another special feature of our program is the tremendous resident and faculty camaraderie. Residents can select a member of the faculty to become their “mentor” during the three years of residency, guiding them through their years in Akron.

Akron Children's is located in a family-friendly Midwestern city with a low cost of living. Where else can you live and work within 15 minutes of the 6th most visited national park? We hope you will visit us!

Akron Children’s Residency Program Goals:

  • Provide a variety of clinical and educational experiences to enable trainees to be competent to enter general ambulatory pediatrics, hospitalist medicine, or subspecialty fellowships after graduation
  • Provide educational opportunities so residents are prepared to work as pediatricians in urban, suburban, and/or rural community-based settings as well as at academic medical centers
  • Provide opportunities so that trainees are competent educators of patients, families, and other health care professionals in the specialty of pediatrics
  • Promote the engagement of residents with the community by placing them in community based general pediatric practices during training
  • Provide numerous mentoring/advising opportunities to help trainees become life-long learners
  • Promote resident well-being during residency so they develop resiliency during and after training

Residency Mission Statement

Akron Children’s trains resilient, competent, professional pediatricians dedicated to improving the health of children through outstanding quality patient care, education, advocacy and community service.

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