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Lice and Scabies RECS Learning Module


  1. Understand the life cycle of pediculosis capitis (head lice)
  2. Plan the appropriate management for a patient with pediculosis capitis 
  3. Recognize the clinical findings associated with pediculosis capitis
  4. Recognize the clinical manifestations of scabies 
  5. Plan the appropriate management of scabies


  1. How long after a head louse ova is laid does the louse hatch?
  2. What are the first-line treatments for head lice? How are they applied? When should they be repeated?
  3. What environmental measures do you take when treating for head lice?
  4. What are the clinical manifestations of scabies? Give a differential diagnosis for a patient with scabies.
  5. How does the appearance and clearance of the scabies symptoms relate to when the child is infested and when they are successfully treated?
  6. What is the treatment for scabies and how is it applied?
  7. What environmental measures do you take when treating for scabies?

Reviewed 10/2017

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