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Infant Formulas RECS Learning Module


  1. Counsel parents on bottle feeding including formula selection, water use, and appropriate amounts from the newborn visit until age 1 yr
  2. Review potential complications associated with bottle feeding and provide anticipatory guidance for supplementary nutrition throughout this time
  3. Know which infant formulas contain lactose
  4. Know the indications for the use of protein hydrolysate formulas
  5. Know the indications for the use of soy formula


  1. What are the three standard formulations of infant cow milk based formulas?  What is the standard kcal/oz?
  2. What is the rationale behind the addition of prebiotics and probiotics into formula?
  3. What is the range of caloric densities that powder formulas can be mixed to?
  4. Name an indication for the use of soy formula?  When is soy formula use not indicated?
  5. What are DHA and ARA and why are they important?
  6. Name several infant formulas that are composed of lactose.
  7. When would you recommend use of a protein hydrolysate formula?
  8. A new parent comes in for their 1 month well child check.  The mother notes that they are bottle feeding their new son because she experienced difficulty with milk production.  What are some potential complications associated with bottle feeding that should be discussed at this well child visit?
  9. How much formula should a newborn take and how often?  What about a 3 month old?  How about a 1 year old?
  10. What recommendations would you make to a mother that is concerned about using iron-fortified formula because her infant appears “constipated”?
  11. What is the caloric content of a preterm transitional formula and how long should the infant be continued on this formula?

Reviewed 11/2017 

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