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Conjunctivitis RECS Learning Module


  1. Create a differential diagnosis for the "pink/red" eye
  2. List symptoms of conjunctivitis
  3. List different organisms that can cause conjunctivitis based on age group
  4. Name recommended treatments for conjunctivitis based on etiology
  5. Know that prophylaxis of ocular gonorrheal infection in a newborn infant should include silver nitrate solution or a single use tube of ophthalmic ointment containing erythromycin or tetracycline
  6. Understand that a patient with conjunctivitis may have a systemic disease, such as uveitis
  7. Know when to refer to Ophthalmology


  1. Name 3 organism types that can cause acute conjunctivitis
  2. T or F. If you suspect gonococcal conjunctivitis, you must treat it with IV antibiotics?
  3. What is the definition of chronic conjunctivitis?
  4. What is the definition and cause(s) of Opthalmia Neonatorum?
  5. When does Chlamydia conjunctivitis typically develop? How do you treat it?
  6. Why is erythromycin ointment recommended for prophylaxis instead of silver nitrate?
  7. When does N. gonorrhea conjunctivitis typically develop?
  8. If a baby is born to a mother with known gonorrhea infection, what should you do?
  9. When does HSV conjunctivitis typically develop?
  10. What organism causes the most cases of viral conjunctivitis? How long may it last?
  11. What are other causes of a "pink" eye apart from infection?

Reviewed 7/2017

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