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Concussion RECS Learning Module


  1. Know the stage progression of return to play
  2. Recognize Ohio Law restrictions in regard to return to play
  3. Know what sports are most commonly are associated with head injury
  4. Know the criteria and management for return to play after a head or neck injury
  5. Recognize common symptoms of concussion
  6. Recognize potential long term complications of concussion
  7. Review what portions of the clinical exam should be performed at each post concussion visit in the outpatient setting
  8. Understand that a normal CT scan/MRI does not rule in/out concussion


  1. What sports are commonly associated with head injury
  2. What are several symptoms of post-concussion syndrome
  3. Describe the stage progression to return to play
  4. Can head imaging rule in/out a concussion?  Why or why not?  How long can symptoms last for patients
  5. What portions of the clinical exam should be included in a concussion exam
  6. Describe second impact syndrome
  7. What are several long term complications of concussion
  8. Sam a 14 year old patient in your practice presents to the office 48 hours after a concussion in football (he wasn’t seen in the ED following injury).  He had his helmet on in practice and admits to headache, fatigue, dizziness after injury, and difficulty concentrating on his math exam the following day.  He denies any LOC immediately after injury.  His father notes this is his second head injury in 2 months’ time while playing football.  He scores at 15 on his symptom score sheet today.  What is your plan for care?

Reviewed 11/ 2017

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There are 10 nurses in the picture.

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The five differences are:
– Phone color
– Coat pocket
– Stethoscope earpiece color
– Stethoscope bell dot
– Clipboard paper color

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The two matching doctors are 9 and 14.

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The correct path:
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