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Car Seat Safety RECS Learning Module


  1. Recommend appropriate car restraint systems based on age and weight of infant or child
  2. Know the qualities of an adequate car seat
  3. Know the problems associated with the use of infant car seats for premature infants
  4. Be aware of the significance of non-crash automobile accidents for young children
  5. Educate families on the potential dangers associated with car seat use outside of a vehicle
  6. Provide resources for local families in regards to car seat use


  1. What are the 4 basic types of childhood restraint systems?
  2. How long should a child remain backward facing in a vehicle?
  3. What problems can be associated with the use of infant car seats for premature infants?
  4. When does a child meet criteria to sit in a booster seat?
  5. When can a child sit in the back seat with a seat belt only based on Ohio law?
  6. When can a child ride in the front seat?
  7. Below what gestational age does the AAP recommend a car seat challenge prior to discharge from the hospital?
  8. What local resources are available for families to assess the quality of their car seat along with proper installation?

Reviewed 7/2017

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