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Akron Children's Simulation Center Educational Offerings

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The Akron Children's Simulation Center has the space, equipment, and expertise to provide almost any type of healthcare simulation experience.

High Fidelity Team Simulation Training

  • Creating realistic scenarios that allow you to improve your team dynamics and communication skills in high-risk, low-frequency, and life-threatening situations
  • Teaching and reinforcing effective communication strategies during everything from standardized Pediatric and Adult Advanced Life Support scenarios to the most complex and unique scenarios
  • Facilitating training and assessment for the core competencies of ACGME and other accrediting bodies


Technical Skills Development Training

  • Providing training for basic to advanced procedural skills
  • Ensuring repetitive practice of safe procedural skills before students or employees work with actual patients
  • Technical skills we provide include:
    • Lumbar puncture
    • Central venous line placement and maintenance
    • Peripheral venous (IV) line placement
    • Basic airway care
    • Pediatric, neonate, or adult intubation
    • Surgical airway
    • Chest tube placement and maintenance
    • Transcutaneous pacing, defibrillation, and synchronized cardioversion
    • Suturing
    • Ultrasound training


Standardized Patient (SP) Encounters

  • Improving interpersonal communication and physical exam skills of healthcare providers through SP encounters
  • Working with SPs to improve health care providers:
    • History and physical exam taking skills
    • Providing family-centered care
    • Interpersonal communication with family members during a full resuscitation


Simulation Faculty Development

  • Providing courses to improve faculty’s understanding of and ability in providing simulation curriculum, including:
    • Best practices in simulation education
    • Choosing the most appropriate simulation modality
    • Curriculum development
    • Various debriefing courses
  • Providing practicum or more in-depth mentoring curriculum/services

In-Situ Systems Evaluation

  • Our simulators can be transported to your clinical environment, testing your systems and processes.
  • We have provided in-situ training/evaluation in ICUs, ERs, acute care units, new spaces, outpatient clinics, and non-clinical areas.

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