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Ways to Support

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The support we receive from the corporate community is essential to our ability to successfully deliver our mission.

With your support of Akron Children’s, you are investing in children from communities close to home, across the country and around the world. And your support impacts your employees by giving them a resource to care for their family. You are also impacting the community as a whole buy supporting Akron Children’s, which has a total economic estimated at more than $1 billion annually.

There are many ways your company and its employees can support the life-changing work of Akron Children’s:

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts play a critical role in funding a number of programs in pediatric research, family services, advocacy and charity care. While companies may make unrestricted contributions to the hospital, companies may also give to specific hospital departments, specialty areas and programs consistent with a company’s business objectives.

Cause-Related Marketing

Cause-Related Marketing

Cause-Related Marketing provides your company the opportunity to make a socially responsible investment and a smart business move when we develop a cause marketing campaign together. As consumers increasingly spend their retail dollars with businesses that give back to the local community, and employees prefer working for companies that support local causes, your company will benefit from aligning with Akron Children’s. Our staff will work with you to design, create and activate a custom program that fits your business needs and the needs of your customers, clients and employees.

Employee giving programs

Employee Giving Programs

Employee giving programs provide payroll deductions to your employees which demonstrates that you care about them, as well as their philanthropic interests.

Event sponsorships

Event Sponsorships

Event sponsorships enable your brand to receive meaningful exposure when you demonstrate your commitment to children’s health issues at an Akron Children’s event.

Matching gift programs

Matching Gift Programs

Matching gift programs demonstrate good corporate citizenry on your part when you match your employees' donations.

In-kind gifts

In-kind Gifts

In-kind gifts help Akron Children’s fulfill its mission of caring for children, and to do so more efficiently. Benefits to companies include reduction of inventory-carrying costs, public recognition, stronger community product support, and tax deduction of up to twice the cost in some cases.


Companies interested in making an investment in their community have a partner in Akron Children’s, and we value the support of small and large businesses alike in providing the highest quality pediatric specialty care. Our staff will work closely with your company to design a custom partnership tailored to your company’s needs and giving priorities to best fit the mission of your organization and ours. For more information about how your company can get involved with Akron Children’s, contact Machelle Syx at

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