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Patient Wish List

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We are grateful for the generous donations from our community members. During COVID-19, please utilize our contact-free giving options below.  If you have any questions about your donation, please call Volunteer Services Akron at 330-543-8424 or Beeghly at 330-746-8352.

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Thank you for thinking of our patients and families.  Donating a toy to Akron Children’s Hospital can help ease a child’s fears of medical procedures, celebrate their birthday or brighten their stay.


Patients at Akron Children’s Hospital are often at high risk of acquiring an infection or illness. For this reason, we can only accept brand new, recently store-bought items with tags or in original packaging.  All handmade items must be washed with fragrance-free detergent and dried prior to donating. 

We need to see all items before they are distributed, so please do not wrap gifts for children.

Items we cannot accept include:

  • Used items including: toys, clothes, electronics, books, etc.
  • Items that have been held in storage/collector's items
  • Beads, magnetic items, pencil sharpeners, or other sharp items
  • Items containing latex, glitter, sand, or feathers
  • Handmade crafts, bracelets, jewelry, etc.
  • Candy or food-related items
  • Items depicting violence, political, or religious messages
  • Fidget spinners, VHS, or cassette tapes


Contact-Free Giving

  • Make an online donation.  Direct your gift to: Other – Volunteer Services Toys.
  • View our Amazon wish list of items to purchase.  Order online and your gifts will be delivered to the hospital. 

You may also mail a donation to:

                ATTN: Volunteer Services
                Akron Children’s Hospital
                One Perkins Square
                Akron OH  44308

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