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Pediatric Residency Salary and Benefits

We take pride in providing residents with a diverse, collaborative, scholarly atmosphere that values work-life balance. 


  • PL-1 : $65,286
  • PL-2 : $66,591
  • PL-3 : $67,923
  • PL-4 : $73,586
  • PL-5 : $75,057
  • PL-6 : $76,559


Pediatric residents receive 12 weeks of vacation over the three-year training period and the program follows the American Board of Pediatrics Leave of Absence Policy.

Step 3

We provide full reimbursement for the cost of the examination to any resident who passes the exam by their 12th month of training

Educational Allowance

All trainees are provided with an educational allowance for each academic year (see amounts in Table above).  The allowance must be used by May 31st of each year; any unused portion does not carry over to the following academic year. PL-1 trainees usually use the educational allowance for books or subscriptions but may use it for travel only if presenting at a national conference.  PL-2 trainees and above may use the educational allowance for any acceptable use. The acceptable uses of the educational allowance and other important information follows below:

  1. The educational allowance may be used for National Boards or Specialty Boards fees, fee for Training Certificate, fee for permanent license and fee for DEA for fellows only, society/subscription fees, conferences, journals, texts, and stethoscopes. Please note that any equipment is considered a taxable item.
  2. Due to IRS guidelines, reimbursement is NOT permitted for the purchase of electronics (computers, smart phones, tablets such as iPads), cameras and camera equipment, or recreational activities such as membership to a health club and/or exercise program/equipment, or shoes or clothing.
  3. The educational allowance may be used for registration or travel expenses to a conference, but prior approval is needed from the Chief Resident (residents) or Program Director (residents and fellows) to attend the conference (request the form from Med Ed).  Any applicable hospital policies regarding travel and reimbursement must be followed.
    1. Note that for senior residents and fellows, there is a Medical Education fund for support of research- or scholarship-related travel.
    2. This is applicable only when the requesting resident or fellow is in good academic and professional standing, and when the prior written approval of the trainee’s program director is documented. It is the responsibility of the trainee to ensure that his/her clinical obligations are covered while traveling, according to the training program’s published guidelines.
    3. The trainee is eligible for financial support only if his/her involvement in the planning, implementation, analysis and presentation of the scientific work is substantial enough to merit first authorship. This determination will be made with the advice and input of the trainee’s research advisor/mentor.
    4. While the primary objective of this policy is to support presentation at a national forum, requests for support for presentation at a regional forum will be considered on a case-by- case basis.
    5. This applies to projects that are hypothesis-driven, observational studies that measure and record outcomes, and projects that result in the development and testing of educational products (such as curricula). Support for the presentation of case reports, clinical photography and other similar projects may not be reimbursable through this policy. Requests that deviate from these general guidelines will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    6. Roundtrip, coach only airfare from Akron (or Cleveland) to the meeting destination; airport parking fees; two nights in the conference hotel; and conference registration fees are reimbursable expenses, not to exceed $1,000. This reimbursement is only available to trainees who are in the training program at the time of the presentation or the presentation occurs within six months of the trainee’s graduation from the training program. A copy of the conference brochure as well as a copy of the presentation must accompany the travel request.
  4. Prior to travel, the trainee must complete and submit a Travel Approval Request in the required timeframe (see hospital policy).  Following travel, the trainee must submit all expenses via Chrome River (Access through “expense reports” on myKidsnet) within the appropriate timeframe. Note that you, not the Program Coordinator or other personnel, are responsible for filling out the Travel Approval Request and submitting your expenses via Chrome River.
  5. Note that it is advisable to start your planning early and communicate closely with your Program Coordinator about your plans for using your educational allowance.

We will pay for all 3 years of membership dues.


We provide up to $1,000 reimbursement for regional or national presentations.

Moving Expense

Reimbursement Up to $1,000 and subject to IRS Guidelines (50 + miles).

Free, Safe, Convenient Parking

Each trainee is provided with parking on the Akron campus at no charge, a cost savings to each trainee of approximately $600 per year.  The Public Safety Department requires Akron Children Hospital stickers to be visible on the left front and back left of your vehicle.  Public Safety requires all trainees to park on level 4 or higher of the Exchange (P-2) parking deck. Trainees on away electives or rotations will not have free parking unless parking is provided by the program or facility at which the elective/rotation occurs. The cost of parking during these electives or rotations is not covered by Akron Children’s Hospital.

Lab Coat

One embroidered lab coat is provided.

Meal Allowance

Because trainees spend up to 80 hours per week in the hospital and may not be able to bring food from home for each meal, the hospital provides a stipend for food from the cafeteria.  The amount is specified in your contract.  These funds are intended for use by trainees who are on campus that week. This means that the funds are not available during away electives, out-of-town conferences or during vacation. The intent is that the food purchased will be consumed at work.

Health Benefits

All trainees, as employees of Akron Children’s Hospital, and their eligible dependents, are eligible for the benefits package offered by the hospital. The benefits offered include health, vision and dental insurance and short- and long-term disability, among others. The specific details of the benefits package vary each year and are explained to you at orientation and annually thereafter. We encourage you to contact the Benefits Office, in Human Resources, if you have any questions regarding your benefits. Contact information for Human Resources can be found on myKidsnet.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Children’s offers 2 pre-tax flexible spending accounts that you can use to help pay for out-of-pocket health and dependent care expenses throughout the year:

  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account — for reimbursement of medical, prescription drugs, dental and vision expenses
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account — for reimbursement of supervised care of your child or a qualifying adult dependent.

Employee Assistance Program

Counseling and guidance services available for any life circumstances.

Short & Long Term Disability

Effective 3 months from the effective date of your health benefits. 

  • Short term disability is paid at 100% of salary
  • The core plan for long-term is 50% of salary; with options to upgrade
  • Our program follows the ABP & ACGME LOA Policies


  • Residents may participate in the hospital’s 403(b) Plan from their date of hire.
  • Match dollars are not available to residents

Professional Liability

Akron Children’s Hospital provides trainees with professional liability insurance covering acts and omissions of the trainee in the course of the performance of services for Children’s. Such coverage shall be in amounts of not less than that required of Children’s Medical Staff members. Children’s current primary layer of professional liability insurance coverage is written on an occurrence basis. In the event Children’s converts its primary layer of insurance coverage to a “claims made” policy effective during the term of the term of the trainee’s employment by Children’s, then on termination of the trainee’s employment with Children’s, Children’s would obtain coverage to the extent necessary to provide continuous coverage for claims asserted after termination of the trainee’s employment but arising out of occurrences during his or her employment.

Your liability coverage only extends to your assigned training activities. You must not informally treat or prescribe for family members, friends, hospital employees or medical students.

Employee Health Services

  • Basic health screenings
  • Immunizations (required, for travel and for return to school)
  • Follow up after work-related injuries
  • Free and confidential “Opt Out Counseling”
  • Minor first aid
  • Smoking cessation information and nicotine patches

Fitness Club Membership

All trainees are offered free individual membership to Cleveland Clinic Akron General Wellness Centers in Stow, Green and Montrose.

Relocation Expenses

The hospital provides reimbursement for initial relocation (moving) expenses up to $1,000, subject to the current IRS guidelines regarding reimbursement. Please check with Human Resources and with Medical Education to learn more about these guidelines before you assume certain relocation expense will be covered, as the IRS rules are precise. To receive reimbursement, you must submit your receipts via Chrome River.

Smoke, Electronic Cigarette and Tobacco-Free Campus

Akron Children’s is a tobacco-free healthcare system. Prospective employees who test positive for nicotine will have their offer of employment rescinded and will not be permitted to start work.


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