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Advanced Practice Center

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Advanced Practice Providers Chart

Advanced Practice Providers at Akron Children's


The Akron Children's Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Center was established to support the role of our advanced practice registered nurse and physician assistant providers. The Office of Advanced Practice led by the advanced practice director with support from the advanced practice education coordinator who collaborates with and are integrally involved with our senior leadership team and operational directors. Advanced Practice Providers at Akron Children's are essential to the delivery of healthcare to children and are members of the medical staff.

Our office also functions as the liaison for medical staff, nursing staff, human resources and management regarding the development of advanced practice services throughout the organization.

The Office of Advanced Practice also coordinates professional development opportunities for our APRNs and PAs and provides interprofessional networking and advanced practice focused continuing education.



Advanced Practice Education Coordinator

Jenny Michel, DNP, APRN-CNP

Director of the office of Advanced Practice; Chair, APP Credentials Committee; Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

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