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Pediatric Ophthalmology Elective

We offer a 4-week surgical subspecialty elective in pediatric ophthalmology to 4th year medical students.


  • To witness the spectrum of medical and surgical diseases of the visual system in infants and children
  • Facilitate experience in interacting with children and families
  • Improve skills in history taking and ophthalmological examinations


  • Assessment of outpatients and inpatient consults as part of the work in the vision center and in the hospital setting as part of a student/resident/fellow/attending team
  • Exposure and participation in the operating room, gaining experience with surgical approaches to pediatric eye diseases
  • Attendance at the following:
    • Weekly eye conferences
    • Journal club
    • Research and presentation of cases you see during your rotation
    • Night call/special requirements: Option to assist resident with trauma call
Hertle, Richard MD, FAAO, FACS, FAAP

Richard Hertle, MD, Elective Director



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