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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Elective

We offer a 4-week pediatric subspecialty elective in emergency medicine at our Akron campus. You must be a 4th year medical student to apply.


  • Recognize the acutely ill or injured pediatric patient
  • Explain the management of common pediatric emergencies
  • Develop the ability to interact effectively with acutely ill children and their parents
  • Acquire initial management concepts for the traumatized or abused child


  • Assume regular schedule under the direct supervision of attending pediatric emergency medicine physicians
  • Be “first contact” on assigned patients, following introduction phase
  • Become familiar with diagnostic physical laboratory and radiological signs on other patients
  • Assist attending and house physicians in the management of poisonings, seizures, respiratory problems, and sepsis in infants and children, with emphasis on airway, breathing and circulation
  • Attend scheduled conferences and complete individualized assignments
  • Have a minimum 3-4 hours of sustained contact with attending pediatric emergency medicine as recommended each session

Night call/special requirements: One night shift per 4-week rotation. Minimum 10-hour shifts, one weekend, with the remainder of time equally divided among other shift times.

Gupta, Adarsh MD

Adarsh Gupta, MD, Elective Director

Elective Director

Adarsh Gupta, MD
Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Akron Children's
One Perkins Square
Akron, OH 44308

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