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Clinical Genetics Elective

We offer a 4-week clinical genetics elective to 4th year medical students.


  • Become familiar with the diagnosis of common metabolic, cytogenetic and dysmorphic syndromes
  • Become familiar with the counseling and management of genetic disorders


  • Research specific genetic problems as appropriate prior to inpatient consults and outpatient visits
  • Participate in diagnostic evaluations and counseling sessions involving outpatient clinic patients and inpatient consultations
  • Follow test results or other new developments with your patients during the month
  • Attend weekly genetics case conferences and present at least 2 cases over the course of the rotation
  • Read assigned material about fundamental concepts in genetics

Typical daily schedule

  • Review records and background material on upcoming patients and discuss with physician and genetic counselor
  • Participate in outpatient genetics clinics, including general genetics, hereditary cancer, prenatal, metabolic and relevant multidisciplinary clinics
  • Participate in inpatient genetic consultations

Night call/special requirements: None

Ward-Melver, Catherine MD

Catherine Ward-Melver, MD; Elective Director

What next?

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