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Pediatric Cardiology Elective

We offer a 4-week pediatric subspecialty elective in cardiology at our Akron campus. You must be a 4th year medical student to apply.


  • Understand cardiovascular signs and symptoms and how they relate to different cardiac conditions
  • Understand cardiovascular testing, non-surgical and surgical intervention in congenital heart disease and acquired heart disease


  • Inpatient service: Daily rounds, consults with attending cardiologists
  • Outpatient clinic
  • Exposure to echo lab and EKG
  • Exposure to stress test
  • Diagnostic and interventional catheterization 
  • Weekly cath conference 

Typical Schedule 

  • Early morning: patient rounds
  • Late morning: inter-cath/surgery
  • Afternoon: outpatient clinic
  • Night call/special requirements: None
Tracy, Christine MD

Christine Tracy, MD
Elective Director

What next?

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