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Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Council

The Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Council is a sub-committee of the Medical Staff Executive Committee (MSEC) and a shared governance council that reviews standards and practice-related issues for the APRN and PA medical staff at Akron Children’s. The director of Advanced Practice is chair of the APP Council and holds a voting seat on MSEC, to which the operations of the APP Council are reported. The operations of the APP Council are also reported to Nursing Core Assembly as part of our Magnet Recognition and Shared Governance.


The APP Council works to improve quality and clinical needs, and support APRN/PA practice, as well as enhance and encourage dynamic communication between the APP Council and interested hospital groups. The APP Council provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, clinical pursuits, community service and continuing medical education efforts.

The APP Council is comprised of APRN and PA providers from across the organization, which represent the various areas of primary, specialty and acute care practice. The APP Council is comprised of our committee chairpersons, lead APPs, selected members at-large, physician members and various ad-hoc members as needed. Additionally, the APP Credentials Committee chair also sits on the APP Council. The APP Credentials Committee is a sub-committee of the Credentials Committee.

The APP Council is comprised of the following committees with designated chairpersons:  APP Credentials, Health Policy, APP Education, APP Visibility/Outreach, APP Fall Pharmacology & Law Conferences, APP Spring Clinical Update, APP Professional Development, and APP Quality.


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