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Sub-Telomere Analysis by DNA FISH

Cytogenetics Laboratory : Cytogenetics

Test ID/Workstation :
Specimen Type:
Blood, Bone Marrow, Lymph Node, Tumor, Amniotic Fluid
Tube Type:
Blood, Bone Marrow: Green top (sodium heparin) tube, Lymph Node, Tumor: Sterile tissue culture flask provided by laboratory or sterile container with sterile saline or tissue culture medium
Collection Volume:
Amniotic fluid: 20.0 mL (minimum 5.0 mL); Blood: 5.0 mL (minimum 1.0 mL); Bone Marrow: 1.0 mL (minimum 0.5 mL); Tissue: 1.0 mm3
Cause for Rejection:
Clotted, non-sterile, or frozen
Mon-Fri (0700-1600) Sat (0900-1300)
Following standard chromosome preparation, cells are fixed to slides, hybridized overnight to appropriate DNA probe(s), washed, and counter-stained. 2-5 metaphases are evaluated for each sub-telomeric probe using a fluorescence microscope and images are captured digitally using image analysis software.
Special Instructions:
Include pertinent medical findings on the requisition with suspected diagnosis and/or indication(s) for testing.
24 hours-2 weeks
Additional Info:
Interpretation is provided with report Not orderable in Epic
CPT Code:
88271x15, 88274, 88291
Telomere Studies; Telomere Analysis