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Quantiferon-TB Gold

Centralized Core Laboratory : Immunology

Test ID/Workstation :
Specimen Type:
Whole Blood
Tube Type:
Please contact Sendouts 330-543-8570 or 330-543-8571; special tubes required for this assay.
Collection Volume:
3- 1 mL tubes
Cause for Rejection:
If specimens are not collected and processed according to the collection procedure.
Sent to Reference Lab
Lymphocyte Stimulation with ELISA
Special Instructions:
Specimen Collection Procedure: (Call lab for special tubes) 1. Draw three tubes gray, red, purple per patient. Important: Gray tube first, then the other two in no particular order. 2. The tubes are vacuumed to only accept 1 mL. Tubes fill slowly so keep tube on the needle for 2-3 seconds after tube appears to have completed filling. 3. When tubes are filled shake GENTLY AND MAKE SURE THE INSIDE OF THE TUBE IS COATED WITH BLOOD for 10-12 seconds. The shaking is extremely important as there are reagents in the tube. 4. Send immediately to the Centralized Core Lab (CCL). Tubes need processed no later than 16 hours after collection. CCL staff: send to SUMMA with a routine day shift courier during the week and call a STAT courier on weekends, holidays, and PM/MN shifts. It is preferred that the specimen is drawn the morning of testing and received in Akron Childrens lab by 10:00 AM. Please send orders on a manual test requisition or order in Epic as a Miscellaneous Sendout Test (LAB3064) with Quantiferon to SUMMA.
48 hours
Additional Info:
Reference range available on patient report.
CPT Code: