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PNH, PI-Linked Antigen, Blood

Centralized Core Laboratory : Hematology

Test ID/Workstation :
Specimen Type:
Whole Blood
Tube Type:
Yellow Top (ACD)
Collection Volume:
2.6 mL
Cause for Rejection:
Gross Hemolysis
Sent to Reference Lab
1-2 days
Panel Includes:
PNH RBC-Partial Ag Loss PNH RBC-Complete Ag Loss PNH Granulocytes PNH Monocystes Interpretation
CD55 CD59 FLAER GPI-Linked Antigen Ham-Crosby Sugar-Water Test, Blood Hemolytic Anemia Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) PI Linked Antigen Sucrose Analysis Sucrose Fragility Sucrose Hemolysis Sugar Water PNH Screen Sugar Water Test, Ham Crosby, Blood
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There are 10 nurses in the picture.

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The five differences are:
– Phone color
– Coat pocket
– Stethoscope earpiece color
– Stethoscope bell dot
– Clipboard paper color

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The two matching doctors are 9 and 14.

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The correct path:
The Correct Path
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