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Lactic Acid

Laboratory : Chemistry

Test ID/Workstation :
Specimen Type:
Tube Type:
Gray top (Fluoride/heparin) tube
Collection Volume:
0.5 mL
Cause for Rejection:
Avoid icteric samples, specimen not received on ice or within two hours of draw time.
Daily, 24 hours; STAT
Enzymatic, colorimetric method
Special Instructions:
Fasting patients should be completely still for two hours to allow lactate concentrations to reach steady state. The patient should avoid any exercise of the arm or hand before during collection of the specimen. The only acceptable anticoagulants are Plasma: Na-flouride/Koxalate. Tubes of blood are to be kept closed at all times and in the vertical, stopper up position. Keep samples on ice. Plasma should be physically separated from contact with cells within 15 minutes of sample collection. The lactate level increases rapidly with physical exercise. The time required return to normal lactate levels depends on the physical fitness of the subject. Thirty minutes at rest is usually sufficient for this purpose. Blood samples should be drawn from a stasis free vein. However minimal hemostasis (less than 30 seconds) will not affect lactate levels. Avoid the use of tourniquet if possible. Glycolysis in the blood sample can rapidly increase lactate levels. Cells contribute to the glycolysis and their quick removal is essential for accurate lactate analysis. Heparinized plasma is acceptable, but precautions must be taken to retard glycolysis by keeping whole blood on ICE and then separating the plasma from the cells within 15 minutes of collection. Outpatient Lab- Spin and Refrigerate. Test cannot be drawn at an off site that does not have a centrifuge to immediately process the sample.
1 hour
Additional Info:
reference range: 0.5-2.2 mmol/L
CPT Code: