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Centralized Core Laboratory - : Chemistry

Test ID :
Test Workstation :
Specimen Type:
Tube Type:
Specimen container
Collection Volume:
0.03 mL (minimum 0.01 mL)
Cause for Rejection:
Insufficient sample for testing
Mon-Fri (0900-1100)
Wescor Macroduct Sweat Collection System with automatic voltage setting of 1.5mA
Special Instructions:
Outpatients must be scheduled in advance. Iontophoresis is to be performed by trained lab personnel only.Patient must be out of a mist tent and preferably without an IV. Give the patient the fluids he or she normally drinks and encourage an extra bottle/cup at least one hour prior to the appointment time. These can be formula, milk, water, juice, breast milk, or other drinks. The patient should eat normally and may take all medications the day of the test. This test and a test for which the patient cannot eat or drink must be done on different days. Do not use creams, oils, or lotions on arms (arms and legs if a newborn) for 24 hours prior to your appointment. Bring warm clothes – a coat and hat and/or blanket for the patient to wear during the test. The patient should not be feeling ill the day of the test, with a fever, bad cold, or flu. If the child is ill, please call the laboratory to reschedule at 3305438573. If a chronic cough is present with no symptoms to suggest a bad cold or the flu, the test can be performed. Testing is performed on the Akron campus only. For Outpatients, test should only be performed in outpatient lab.
1 hour
Additional Info:
Reference range is not applicable
CPT Code:

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