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Hexosaminidase A & Total, Serum

Centralized Core Laboratory - Mayo Clinic Laboratories : Send Out

Test ID :
Test Workstation :
Specimen Type:
Tube Type:
Red top (no anticoagulant) tube
Collection Volume:
2.5 mL (minimum 1.5 mL)
Cause for Rejection:
Specimen rejected: Grossly icteric.
Sent to reference lab
Heat Activation, Fluorometric, Automated
Special Instructions:
Serum assay results are not valid on pregnant females and will not be run. If carrier screening for TaySachs or Sandhoff disease is desired in a pregnant female and testing was not performed prior to pregnancy, referto NAGR / Hexosaminidase A and Total, Leukocytes/Molecular Reflex or NAGW/ Hexosaminidase A and Total Hexosaminidase, Leukocytes for testing on the patient or partner. The recommended test for TaySachs carrier screening (regardless of gender or pregnancy status) is NAGR / Hexosaminidase A and Total, Leukocytes/Molecular Reflex. Please have patient fill out the Mayo Medical Laboratories' TaySachs Disease Prevention Program Questionnaire. Pregnant females can't be tested. It is suggested that the baby's father be tested for carrier status. If father is a positive carrier, the pregnant female should have Hexosaminidase A & Total Leukocytes. For Outpatients, test should only be drawn in outpatient locations within a Hospital (Akron or Beeghly).
8-14 days
Additional Info:
Reference range is available on patient report
CPT Code:

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