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Broad Range Microbiology PCR

Centralized Core Laboratory - University of Washington : Send Out

Test ID :
Test Workstation :
Specimen Type:
Fresh Frozen tissue, body fluid (non-bloody), paraffin embedded tissue. Eswab is acceptable.
Tube Type:
Sterile container
Collection Volume:
Fresh frozen tissue, paraffin embedded tissue, or non-bloody body fluid accepted.
Cause for Rejection:
Blood, serum, plasma, stool, formalin tissue not acceptable. Reject if collected in swabs other than Eswabs
Tissue, body fluid-Frozen, paraffin embedded tissue- Room temp
Sent to Reference Laboratory
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Special Instructions:
Specify Broad Range PCR: Bacterial PCR (reflex to Next Generation Sequencing for polymicrobial specimens) Fungal PCR AFB PCR (including nontuberculous Mycobacteria)
Additional Info:
Bacterial PCR -respiratory and genitourinary samples may also be submitted and will include reflexed testing to Next Generation sequencing. Eswab is the only validated swab specimen that is acceptable. - Fungal PCR- BAL or skin scrapings also acceptable. - AFB PCR- sputum tested for MTB Complex and/or M. avium complex only.
CPT Code:
Bacterial PCR or Fungal PCR CPT code 87801; MTB PCR -87556, Non Tuberculosis PCR- 87551; Next Gen. Bacterial Sequencing -87801
Bacterial PCR, Fungal PCR, Mycobacterial PCR, AFB PCR

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