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Collection Procedure:

LTD: Post Phlebotomy Procedures  Version 6


Assessment of site: After completion of the draw, always examine site to be sure

it has stopped bleeding, that no unusually large Hematoma is present, and that

no significant painful sensations are occurring. Then place band-aid or other

appropriate covering on the site.

Use of band-aids: Because they are a choking hazard, band-aids are not

recommended for use on children under the age of three years. If an adult is

present to watch the child and ensure that he/she does not choke on or swallow

the band-aid, one may be used if requested. In this situation, advise the adult to

keep a close eye on the child and ask them to remove the band-aid in 15-20

minutes. For heel punctures on an infant, try to avoid using a band-aid by

applying slight pressure with gauze. If a band-aid is necessary, place gauze on

the wound and hold in place with a band-aid. Band-aids should be avoided on

the heel of a neonate as they cause irritation and remove tissue around the ankle

area. 3x3 gauze should be wrapped around the heel and tied loosely on the top

of the ankle to prevent excessive bleeding. CoFlex may be used in place of

band-aids when appropriate. Wrap carefully so it remains in place, but does not

constrict blood flow.

Specimen labeling Always label at the bedside with two appropriate patient

identifiers. Follow hospital procedure on Specimen Labeling/Requisition


Transportation When appropriate and/or available, use the pneumatic tube

system to send the specimen to the lab. If not, arrange for transportation

according to specimen stability/transportation needs listed in the Laboratory Test

Directory. If required to transport on ice always put ice in a separate bag so as to

not ruin the labels or paperwork.


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