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Conjunctival (Bacterial culture or Chlamydia viral culture of the eye)

Collection Procedure:


Conjunctival (Bacterial culture or Chlamydia viral culture of the eye)

Policy Tech: Version 6


NOTE: To prevent specimen contamination by microorganisms, use sterile
supplies and aseptic technique to collect specimens.


1. Conjunctiva culture- ESwab, mini-tip Collection kit (green capped).

2. Conjunctiva for GC culture- ESwab, mini-tip Collection kit (green capped).

3. Conjunctiva for Chlamydia (viral) culture-Mini-tipped Culturette (green


Sterile water or sterile saline, sterile gauze.


A. Site Prep: Clean the skin around eye with sterile saline or sterile water
on sterile gauze before specimen collection.

B. Pass the Mini-tip ESwab over the lower conjunctiva. Avoid the
eyelashes and eyelid margin.


1. Conjunctiva culture Break off the mini-tipped swab into the
transport tube containing 1.0mL liquid media.

2. Conjunctiva cultures for Gonorrhea (GC) Place swab back in
culture container.

3. Conjunctiva cultures for Chlamydia
  a. Elute swab into M4(VIRAL TRANSPORT MEDIA- VTM)
  and mix for 10 seconds

  b. Send M4 (VIRAL TRANSPORT MEDIA- VTM) medium
 on ice to Virology.

D. Labeling: Properly label specimens with at least two identifiers such
as name, medical record number, and date of birth


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