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Buccal Swab (Check Cell) Collection Procedure

Collection Procedure:


Buccal Swab (Cheek Cell) Collection Procedure

Policy Tech: Version 5


Buccal swabs can be collected in order to isolate the patient’s DNA for testing. This can be done for inhouse
testing performed at Akron Children’s (with the approval of an ACH Pathologist or
Molecular Ph. D.) or for sendout testing when requested by the reference lab.

Buccal brush swabs will be collected by the Physician’s staff in their office or by Inpatient
      nursing staff. Lab staff will not collect Buccal Swabs.

Collection instructions will be provided, along with the swabs, to the Physician’s office.
Swabs may be obtained from the DNA Molecular Laboratory or the Sendout Department of the

Collection Instructions:

1. To open the tube containing the buccal brush, twist the tube at the arrow. Remove the brush
from the tube.

2. Insert the brush into one side of the mouth between the inside of the cheek and the upper gum.
Press firmly and twirl the cheek brush against the inside of the inner cheek for at least 30
seconds to collect cells, using an up and down motion from front to back and back to front. Use
a stopwatch or the second hand of a watch/clock to time the collection. This sampling
technique should collect buccal cells without drawing blood.

3. Place the cheek brush back into the original tube. Replace the cap.

4. Label the swab with two patient identifiers: the patient’s full name and date of birth or medical
record number. The swab should also contain the date, time and ID of the person collecting the
specimen and right or left to indicate which side of the patient’s mouth was swabbed.

5. Repeat steps #1 - #4 using a second buccal swab to obtain cells from the inside of the other

6. Send both labeled swabs and the completed test requisition to the lab.

Please Note: Specimens should be sent at room temperature and must arrive in the lab at Akron
Children’s Hospital on the day of collection. If the testing is to be performed at Akron Children’s
Hospital, the extraction of DNA will begin immediately. Specimens being sent out to a reference lab will
be packaged and sent Priority Overnight by FedEx to arrive in the reference lab the following morning.

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