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Anaerobic (Bacterial Culture)

Collection Procedure:

Specimen Collection: Anaerobic (Bacterial Culture)

Policy Tech: Version 4

NOTE: Collected from deep wounds, or abscesses, soft tissue aspirates, bite wounds, or


Equipment: ESwab collection kit, betadine, sterile gauze
(NOTE: 1 Eswab from the same site can be used for both aerobic and anaerobic cultures)


Abscess: Clean area with betadine solution, rinse with sterile saline, and dry with sterile
gauze. After incision, remove the swab from the collection kit package. Swab the interior of
abscess cavity and/or any present pus. Break off swab at the red score line into the transport
tube containing 1.0mL liquid media and send to lab.


Labeling: Properly label specimens with at least 2 patient identifiers, such as name, medical
record number, and date of birth


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Additional Info:

Acceptable Material

Unacceptable Material
Aspirate (by needle and syringe) Bronchoalviolar lavage washing (except OR specimens)
Bartholin's gland inflammation and secretions Cervical secretions
Blood (Venipuncture) Endotracheal secretions
Bone Marrow (aspirate) Lochia secretions
Bronchoscopic secretions NPH swab
Culdocentesis fluid (aspirate) Perineal swab
Fallopian tube fluid or tissue (biopsy/aspirate) Prostatic or seminal fluid
IUD for Actinomyces Sinus washings or swab
Nasal sinus (aspirate) Sputum
Placenta tissue (cesarean delivery) Stool or rectal specimen
Stool for C. difficile Tracheostomy secretions
Surgical site (aspirate) Urethral secretions
Transtracheal aspirate Urine other than suprapubic
Urine (suprapubic aspirate) Vaginal secretions/swab

Surgical specimens and specimens collected by endoscopic procedure

Retropharyngeal abscess  
Pilondial cyst abscess  


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