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Support the Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute

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Akron Children's research institute owes its inception to the vision of William and Rebecca Considine so we could form the foundation for a world-class pediatric research center located in northeast Ohio.

Their $1 million gift in 2009 represents the cornerstone of our efforts to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment of medical conditions afflicting our nation’s most vulnerable citizens.

You can also nurture this growing enterprise with a gift of any amount. Every dollar plays an important role in overcoming diseases and conditions that endanger the hopes and dreams of children and their families everywhere in the world.

Furthering research at Akron Children's offers an exciting opportunity for philanthropic investment including:

  • Securing funding for facilities, equipment, endowed chairs and project funding for key research priorities – healthcare services delivery & innovation, mitochondrial medicine, vision sciences, and childhood lifestyles & population health
  • Recruiting and retaining new clinical scientists, researchers, technicians and fellows to bring the best and brightest minds to the hospital
  • Providing a supportive teaching environment with access to quality equipment, latest techniques and professional mentorship to keep fellows and physicians with marked achievements at Children's
  • Partnering with local, national and international academic institutions and industries to accelerate the pursuit of medical breakthroughs to support patient care

Importance of Children’s Medical Research

Investing in the health of children early in life will ameliorate not only the immediate health and economic burdens of pediatric illnesses and conditions, but also enhance that infant, child or adolescent’s well-being for decades to come.

Yet, because of barriers that prevent robust participation in clinical research, proven treatments for children are generally less available than for adults. For instance, there is meager information about many drugs approved for adults when used to treat childhood illnesses and conditions.

To help rectify this situation, the Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute serves as a catalyst to energize research addressing the countless unmet healthcare needs of infants, children and adolescents. Your generosity will accelerate our pursuit of the medical breakthroughs so vital to overcoming the challenges of research directed toward the health and welfare of our most cherished population.

Donate to the Research Institute

Donate to Our Research Funds

Your generous support directed to one of our designated research funds will accelerate our pursuit of vital medical breakthroughs that will impact patient care and improve health outcomes for generations to come. Together, we can build a more robust research team to develop new pediatric medicines, procedures, devices and programs to care for patients today and those we've yet to meet.

  • Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute Fund supports the needs of the institute.
  • Leigh Memorial Research Fund supports research and activities in pediatric healthcare.
  • Dr. Panitz Research Memorial Fund provides support for various research projects.
  • Roger and Evelyn Sherman Research Fund is used for general purposes.

Invest in the future with a gift today. Donate below.

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